UNK project developed interior design for the RC "Heart of the Capital"


UNK project developed the design project of the common areas in two buildings included in the second construction stage of the "Heart of the Capital" RC.
Under the design project, design of the entrance groups, lift halls and halls on the residential floors was developed. The key architects' idea was to join two quite different ideas in the single space: on one side – homeliness and harmony with nature, on the other side - rhythm and complexity of a big city.
The dominating feature in the interior design are the 3D panels creating the fascinating kaleidoscope and unrepeated play of light and shadow. According to the co-founder and main architect of the UNK project Julia Tryaskina, "3D structure literally reflects the original brand style of the "Heart of the Capital". And to make a man feel like at home at the entrance to the building and make him check all troubles at the door, we added such a symbol as a chimney creating cosiness and serenity atmosphere. Therefore, the entrance groups became some kind of a portal that connects the big city forms with the small apartment form.
Clear colour combinations on the floors and walls (matted ceramic granite and pargeting of cream and coffee colours) is amplified with the vivid accents of the brick-red and cherry colours as well as with the various live plants. Reception and cosy waiting areas with the seating furniture are allocated in the entrance groups; bookshelves that can be used for cross booking among the future residents are also equipped. Using many glass and mirror surfaces in combination with the variety of the modern lightning solutions additionally extends the space and fills it with light and air.