Shopping centers are being changed


Julia Tryaskina, the cofounder and the chief architect of UNK project practice told the portal how shopping centers are being changed and whether it is possible to remake conceptually outdated shopping centers according to the new needs of buyers.
Experts of the market say that on average 25% of consumers began to visit shopping centers more seldom than 10 years ago. Why does it occur?
- We may already speak about 30%. Needs of visitors of shopping centers are changing. People need more places for leisure, communication and work here.
The shopping centers are gradually being transformed to shopping and recreation centers. Purchases in such complexes become a pleasant bonus. Here (in atriums) various exhibitions, art displays, concerts, in other words actions which have no relation to shops are held. These projects are more similar to the huge family recreation centers.
Thus, attendance of old shopping centers which don't meet new needs of clients has decreased.