The new passenger terminal of the "Bolshoe Savino" airport was opened up in Perm


The new passenger terminal of the "Bolshoe Savino" airport was opened in Perm.
UNK project developed the interior design of the new airport terminal. The construction of the terminal began in late 2015; the total area was 29,000 square meters.
The internal space of the airport fully reflects the general concept of the architectural image of the building itself. The conceptual solutions of the entrance lobby smoothly reflect and transit the monumental artistic appearance of the facade, inspired by the Perm-city wooden sculpture. Yet, the concept manages to retain the functionality and comfort of modern space.
The architects were inspired by the Permian period (the last geological period of the Paleozoic era), which is a turning point in the history of the Earth. Layered stone massive textures, fossil drawings, slices of minerals are the main memorable images used in the interior.
J. Tryaskina, the managing partner: "We used the silhouettes of plants to decorate the frieze that goes under the roof along the transverse wall separating the two-light space of the main hall from the departure zone on the second tier, while the images on the panel resemble imprints of fossil plants, which are often found by palaeontologists. The airport has a memorable image.
The entrance itself is shaped after a snow-white portal and reflects itself in the curlite pylons located opposite it. The curved shapes of pylons form a two-level space and resemble a skeleton of an ancient giant animal with aircraft-shaped wings.